Mini Art at Fun Palaces

It was such a privilege to be a part of Fun Palaces, a national event which took place at the beginning of October. The event was hosted by Peterborough Presents and held at the Central library in Peterborough. It was great to see so many local creative people coming together under one roof and running activities that celebrated art and science. All activities were free and suitable for all the family, with everyone being encouraged to take part. 

I really enjoyed the day and usually like interacting with the public. It was also very exciting to see all the young people taking part and enjoying themselves. Going along with the concept that 'everyone is an artist', I ran a mini art workshop on the day. Encouraging people to create a piece of art on a mini canvas, of which they got to take home after. One lad on my art table had never done any art before and yet he produced one of the most exciting pieces of the day. Another little girl said she thought she was only there for an hour but he mum said it was actually 2 hours. This just reflects how enjoyable visitors found the event.


See the video here: