About me

Originally trained as a graphic designer, I worked in the music industry producing record sleeves, posters and magazines for a period that exceeded 20 years. Part of this time spent running my own graphic studio. For the past 14 years, up until 2014 I worked as a graphic designer for a local charity.

My work is very diverse and I work in various different mediums such as pencils, charcoal, pastels, oils, watercolour and stipple-dot drawings. The majority of my art being self-taught but I also undertook some formal fine arts training at the London Guildhall University.

Ever since my first solo exhibition in Peterborough I have been showing my work regularly and is very pro-active in promoting local art in Peterborough. Over the years, by taking photos, I have been documenting any arty events taking place in our city. As well as producing a small quarterly newsletter, I am also on the committee of two local art groups, Peterborough Artists Open Studios and Creative Peterborough. My recent works includes local dignitaries such as three Mayors and the CEO of the council. Pieces of my work are now held in homes and private collections across various parts of the world.

I am also very active in promoting Black History Month and Diversity in Peterborough. Since 2008 I have been showing my growing collection of Black Heroes portraits, in collaborating and curating exhibitions. In 2013 and 2014 collaboration with The Peterborough Community Group Forum resulted in a ‘Celebrating Diversity in Peterborough’ event. One of my biggest achievements to date was showing my Black Heroes collection of portraits in an exhibition at Wembley Stadium. My most recent exhibitions include, a joint exhibition with 15 other artists at the Yarrow Gallery in Oundle, entitled Reflections and shadows. Flux 3, contemporary exhibition in London and Faces of Change exhibition at the Norman Cross Gallery.

Above photo: PAOS open studios with Esther Tse Evans.